The Withdrawn Driven Machinery Regulations

Withdrawn Driven Machinery Regulations

Good Day Valued Clients.

I trust all is well in the land of your hard working company.

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the Driven Machinery Regulations, and the fact that the Chief Inspector of Department of Labour has withdrawn it.
And as seen below at the bottom of this email is the notice of the withdrawal.

Now, the predicament we’re left in at the moment is that there is currently no proper/valid Driven Machinery Regulation that we can follow and adhere too in our workplaces.
However, TETA (Transport Education & Transit Authority), you all know them right?
TETA have come out saying that due to the fact that there is no new regulation replacing the old one, they are still going to use the withdrawn DMR18(11) as TETA Voluntary.

What this means is that, due to the fact that TETA is in charge of all training providers’ accreditations, we, all the training providers, have to adhere to the ‘withdrawn’ Driven Machinery Regulations.
Hence us needing the Eye tests and Declaration of medical fitness to operate lifting equipment & driven machinery and everything in between.

So, even as much as we would LOVE to provide you with the most hassle free solution, our hands are tied on this one as I have explained and will further.
As the withdrawn DMR states, it is now the responsibility of us, the training providers’ to keep these new documents with the original completed course material.

DMR aside, lets for a minute take a step back, away from the he said, she said, “there’re all a bunch of idiots” arguments.
Let’s have a look at why there are Eye tests and declaration of medical fitness.

For the eye test, there are 2 reasons we, the training proving, need the results.
That is because we need to indicate, on the operator’s license and certificate, if there are any restrictions such as “partial blindness, must wear glasses” or “fully blind, can’t find the forklift” on the certificate.
We then have to keep these documents at Skills for at least 5 years, so that in the event of an accident or incident, Department of Labour can and will request those documents from us then.
Hence we ask for all the documents before the training so that the information on the certificate could be 100% correct and we now what the operators capabilities are in terms of eye sight.

With regards to the declaration of medical fitness, or doctors approval, this is too ensure that any persons who are susceptible of seizers or epileptic seizures and similar conditions not be allowed on the machinery or lifting equipment.
“But who would allow such a person to go on training like that. Don’t silly Skills!”
In the last 8 years, we’ve had four client’s operators have epileptic attacks whilst learning to drive on our forklifts. Four walls have been brutally murdered through these endeavors and though our insurance loves it, and our premiums rise.
We can be very lucky that no serious harm has come to any person because of this. But who’s to say the next time we’ll be so lucky?

So you see, it’s not really just a case of, “Because TETA said so”, it’s really for the proper operating safety of all those on and around the forklift.

Ask yourself this, what if his eye sight was bad, and he forgot to wear his glasses, but judging by his license card, no one thought to instruct him not to drive without his glasses, and now a father will never be able to play soccer with his child again.
Or, “They all shouted at him to slow down, but he just kept on going faster and faster, and when the forklift came flying past them, they noticed that he was unconscious and shaking vigorously in an epileptic seizure. Poor Sandy never saw him coming”
And lastly, even though I know it’s a pain and a hassle to have those documents in place, but no one wants to be the person who said, “Just do the training without the eye tests and medical fitness”

We value the support you guys give us, we really, really do! But there are some control measures and documents that are essential to the good practice of operator training. We want to train up proper competent individuals so that, what I mentioned just now, never ever happens to any one of your workplaces. That is our moral duty to do so as a training provider in Safety and Operator.
It’s up to all of us to work together on this, and make it the normal standard for all.
To equip our work areas and factories with safer, competent heavy machinery & lifting equipment operators.
So that employees can submerse themselves in a positive, safer environment whereby they can complete their daily tasks and return to their families unscathed.

Have a great day and week further, and we wish you a prosperous week and that production and turnover run as smoothly as possible!

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